Behaviour Lab

Leeds Beckett University’s Behaviour Lab research cluster explores the use of technology to support and maintain positive behaviour change, spanning many faculties and disciplines; from design, sports and healthcare to psychology and digital technology. In Summer 2014, Carbon was commissioned to design and build a app for helping people manage weight-related issues. Working with consultants from Uscreates and r
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Art Runs

Award-winning bloggers Veggie Runners, had been experimenting with curated running tours through Leeds, exploring the city’s art, history and architecture. The creators wished to augment these tours with digital experiences and entangling runners more intimately to the communities and cities in which they lived. Carbon worked with Veggie Runners to illustrate the state of the art in mobile platforms, locative m
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Developed for DDD, Dimentia3D is a fast action 3D puzzle game that challenges players’ minds and reflexes to align falling shapes and complete rows on a multi-dimensional cube. The game can be played in 2D on any compatible Android device and comes into its own when played in stereoscopic 3D on a 3D capable smartphone or tablet. Compatible 3D devices include: the Gadmei E8 products (MiTraveler, Viren Micheley, Fusion
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block.SONIC is the result of an internal Carbon study on the future of digital music. With the commoditisation of streaming and download services such as iTunes and Spotify, price and delivery seemed to be the only innovations. Carbon began to consider what might be possible when all music was experienced in this way and the possibilites that could be built around the metadata attached to large collections. We began
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Bollywood Icons

Irna Qureshi’s exhibition of Bollywood Icons at the National Media Museum in 2013 marked the hundredth year of Indian cinema. Bollywood Icons examined India’s fascination with celebrity through a collection of fifty classic and contemporary movie posters, oriented around several themes, including Dynasties, Global Superstars and Iconic Women. Carbon was invited to develop concepts for a mobile app to acco
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Live At Leeds

As part of outreach activities with Leeds Met University, Carbon periodically mentors undergraduate students, setting a brief for an innovative project or research problem and overseeing their work throughout their final year. In late 2011, working with the Live At Leeds festival, Carbon co-authored a brief to develop a mobile app for music fans experiencing the festival weekend in May 2012. Over the course of six mo
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Wireless Grids

Carbon was commissioned by the Wireless Grids Corporation to assist in developing concept applications over a six-month period, which would showcase  technologies licensed from the University of Syracuse’s iSchool. Working with WGC’s UK-based development studio, Carbon contributed to the design of several applications which illustrated the potential of wireless grids technologies, through a series of desi
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Mobile Messaging 2.0

Carbon’s Imran Ali was invited to join a community of thought leaders in an ongoing hosted discussion on the future of mobile messaging as told by some of the industry’s leading observers and commentators. From November 2007 to May 2009, Imran contributed over one hundred and forty pieces, exploring issues as diverse as the ethnography, haptics, surveillance and data visualisation. Though “MM2.0” is
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Early in 2006, in an era before iPhones, Carbon began a design study imagining how mobile interfaces might evolve when users are seeking to accomplish increasingly complex tasks, but with limited screen real estate. A chance meeting with the creator of T9 text entry, Martin King, and the renaissance of command line interfaces such as Yubnub, Google search, chatbots and Twitter’s SMS commands, led us to speculat
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