The Zingoshi Chronicles

Zingoshi is a multiplayer augmented reality mystery adventure game for 7-11 year olds, set in the fictional world of Planet Zingoshi. Carbon is currently working with a production studio in New Zealand, Spiral Media Ltd, to develop an open world augmented reality game where the emphasis is placed on crafting things in the real world and ‘transporting’ them into the game world, using action figures and printed cards.
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Developed for DDD, Dimentia3D is a fast action 3D puzzle game that challenges players’ minds and reflexes to align falling shapes and complete rows on a multi-dimensional cube. The game can be played in 2D on any compatible Android device and comes into its own when played in stereoscopic 3D on a 3D capable smartphone or tablet. Compatible 3D devices include: the Gadmei E8 products (MiTraveler, Viren Micheley, Fusion
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A game where you create your very own voodoo doll and battle unique boss mobs. Master the Mojo Board to increase your power by unlocking rare items, powerful animal spirits and mystical spells. Challenge your friends, climb the rankings and attain, um, glory! Due for release on iOS & Android soon.
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Maori Pa

New Zealand is a unique, visually stunning, place with an interesting mix of peoples in a landscape that is rich with metaphor and history. Tourism is one of its greatest exports, and a vital part of that is the fascination visitors have with the Maori culture, people and ideas. A common idea in the Maori way of thinking is their respect of others, a fierce pride combined with humbleness, and a connection between the
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