Wireless Grids

Carbon was commissioned by the Wireless Grids Corporation to assist in developing concept applications over a six-month period, which would showcase  technologies licensed from the University of Syracuse’s iSchool.

Working with WGC’s UK-based development studio, Carbon contributed to the design of several applications which illustrated the potential of wireless grids technologies, through a series of design fictions and prototype apps:

  • AirGame, a set of user experience principles for connecting “everything to anything.”
  • Briefings on related emerging technologies including, AirPlay, Greplin, IFTTT amongst others.
  • InGrid, a set of use cases aggregating similar devices and media into a connected grid of meta-apps.
  • NBA StadiumWare, mass participation games, AR experiences and artworks which can be created collaboratively by crowds in NBA stadia.
  • TodayEye, a dashboard aggregating and recording a user’s data “trackables” presented as meaningful snapshots and correlations in a user’s life.
  • WeJay, a social radio community, crafted from ad-hoc networking of devices, media and services and introducing a collectively generated reputation for users.
  • WWE, a VIP fan experience, creating a space for WWE athletes and fans to create content together.