Art Runs

Award-winning bloggers Veggie Runners, had been experimenting with curated running tours through Leeds, exploring the city’s art, history and architecture. The creators wished to augment these tours with digital experiences and entangling runners more intimately to the communities and cities in which they lived.

Carbon worked with Veggie Runners to illustrate the state of the art in mobile platforms, locative media, fitness apps and soundwalks. Collectively, we chose to to focus on the sensory and emotional experience of running, rather than performance.

Carbon worked with Veggie Runners’ partners A Man Called Adam and Mothership to develop a concept mobile experience that fulfilled brought together art, architecture and fitness with innovative soundscapes and local data to “feel your run.”

As well as producing concept designs, branding and art direction, Carbon assisted Veggie Runners in funding and grant applications as well as introductions to potential partners, including Nike and dotforge.