CXS – Customer Experience Simulation

CXS (Customer Xperience Simulation) was commissioned by Xandar Ltd, and developed for Colmar Brunton to allow them to conduct online interactive surveys.

CXS is a simulation of a local shopping environment, offering the ability to manipulate a wide range of scenarios and measure shopper behaviour. The system is linked to a backend database of real products and planogram data, allowing researchers to mockup concepts for testing; test new products, pricing and product positioning. The data is collected and can be analysed to get a clear understanding of the relative impact on sales.

CXS provides a unique opportunity as the ability to optimise the shopper experience via multiple scenarios is something very hard to do easily in the real world. As an example, a study commissioned by Fonterra employed in-store marketing, with banners placed in the cereal aisle saying “Cereal loves Yoghurt”. This alone significantly boosted yoghurt sales.

DB Breweries also used the the tool in two separate studies to test out new product lines, and conduct a pricing study.