Virtual Reality

North Country

Autumn 2016 saw Carbon join contemporary theatre company Freedom Studios and Mothership UK in a collaboration to explore the collision of theatre, film and virtual reality. Following from our concept work on Tribe Talks and Army Of India, Freedom Studios wished to understand what virtual reality might mean for live theatre and notably their production of production of Tajinder Singh Hayer’s North Country, a decades-s
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Air NZ Virtual Flight Lab

Commissioned by Air New Zealand and working in collaboration with digital production studio Waxeye, Carbon developed a virtual reality experience to showcase the future of air travel. Running from December 2014 to June 2015, the experience formed part of Air NZ’s 75th anniversary exhibition at the Te Papa museum in Wellington. Utilising a dozen networked Oculus Rift headsets coupled to high-end PCs, the experie
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CXS – Customer Experience Simulation

CXS (Customer Xperience Simulation) was commissioned by Xandar Ltd, and developed for Colmar Brunton to allow them to conduct online interactive surveys. CXS is a simulation of a local shopping environment, offering the ability to manipulate a wide range of scenarios and measure shopper behaviour. The system is linked to a backend database of real products and planogram data, allowing researchers to mockup concepts f
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Virtual Moon Landing

This project was commissioned by the Innovative Technology Centre for their Wow Academy initiative and was used as a concept piece to secure further funding for future development. This VR experience was an educational game, allowing students to explore their environment and perform various geological experiments.
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