LSx was Carbon’s first spin out venture, with a mission to cohere Leeds’ tech sector around discussions of emerging technologies and also to develop relationships with the broader, global cultures of technology.

LSx’s focus was on community development, curating and producing a series of events, conferences, meetups, screenings and festivals – ranging from BarCamp unconferences and OpenCoffee meetups, to local editions of Girl Geek Dinners, O’Reilly’s Ignite events,  TEDxLeeds and TEDxBradford, along with keynote speakers from Twitter, WIRED, Google and Union Square Ventures. LSx also produced a number of living lab projects, using the city to to prototype city-wide games, local currencies and coworking spaces.

Latterly, the company played an activist role, working with local government on developing technology hubs and creative quarters, open data policies as well as the city’s overall digital industries strategy.

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