In Spring 2012, Carbon worked with Max McKeown –  an author and expert in strategy, innovation and leadership – to explore the possibilities of producing electronic editions of his works.

Early discussions focussed on creating an ‘augmented’ edition of The Truth About Innovation, serialising the book’s fifty-five truths as daily or weekly pieces pushed to users as part of their personal development.

Ultimately, Carbon produced an abridged, proof-of-concept iPad “blad” edition of Adaptability – utilising the Baker digital publication framework – which illustrated the potential of electronic editions to publishers Kogan Page.

Carbon’s work with Max McKeown was part of a wider internal study on the implications of networked books, including discussions with a handful of authors – Max McKeown, Irna Qureshi, Syd Mead, Clive Grinyer – to explore the premise of The Book Is A Place.