North Country

Autumn 2016 saw Carbon join contemporary theatre company Freedom Studios and Mothership UK in a collaboration to explore the collision of theatre, film and virtual reality.

Following from our concept work on Tribe Talks and Army Of India, Freedom Studios wished to understand what virtual reality might mean for live theatre and notably their production of production of Tajinder Singh Hayer’s North Country, a decades-spanning post-apocalypic tale set in a future Bradford recovering from a plague that has wiped out most of humanity.

Carbon worked with Freedom and Mothership to select a scene from the play and restage it using a 360º camera from the point-of-view of an unseen, off-stage character.

The scene helped Freedom think about virtual realities that might not be experienced during a performance, but open new persectives on that performance before or after the event.Ultimately, the scene helped provoke questions and conversations amongst designers, directors, performers, and technologists about the possibilities of virtual reality in theatre.

Read more about our experiences in the piece Theatrical Realities on Medium.