EDS Web Documentary

Carbon assisted New Zealand based Shotz Creative in preparing an application to the 2015 round of NZ On Air’s Interactive Documentary Fund.

Shotz was keen to highlight the effects of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). and Using our experience of crafting and creating community storytelling platforms such as Yarn, Carbon wished to understand where native forms of web storytelling might go next. We proposed to create a notional digital “public place” for belonging, care, support and communication between the community of people connected to EDS; from patients and family members to clinicians and support groups.

Inspired by Simon Bollendorff’s web documentaries and the New York Times’ landmark Snowfall story format, we focused on belonging and storytelling as core motives for users, with heavy use of video and 3D interactive explainers to illustrate the emotional impact and scientific issues faced by EDS.