Part of an series of internal studies on the future of books, Bookstop took its inspiration from the Culture Hack movement and Consider The Library, a “hack” that utilised recently released catalogue data from Leeds Libraries to reveal which titles on Amazon were available from your local library. Carbon wished to revisit the notion of books as social objects, but accompanied by digital tools for orchestr
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In Spring 2012, Carbon worked with Max McKeown –  an author and expert in strategy, innovation and leadership – to explore the possibilities of producing electronic editions of his works. Early discussions focussed on creating an ‘augmented’ edition of The Truth About Innovation, serialising the book’s fifty-five truths as daily or weekly pieces pushed to users as part of their personal development.
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Syd Mead’s Sentury

For more than four decades, Syd Mead’s imagination and illustration has graced many forms of media – from motion pictures, television and industrial design, to architecture and electronic media. Awareness of Mead’s work has been largely driven by movies such as Aliens, 2010, Tron and notably Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner; however connoisseurs and fans have come to regard printed collections of his work as the def
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The Grand Trunk Road

Irna Qureshi and Tim Smith’s Grand Trunk Road, explores the history of the oldest highway in South Asia and its relationship with immigrant communities in the UK. The book consists of 120 photographs and a variety of oral histories. As part of an internal research programme in 2011 exploring the future of books (Books As A Place), Carbon approached Qureshi with a view to interpreting Grand Trunk Road as an electronic
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