Al Jazeera Futures

In September 2013, Carbon was approached by Al Jazeera to provide insight and perspective on a proposed science and technology segment for aljazeera.com anchored by Tarek Bazley. Using Al Jazeera’s editorial stance in challenging powerful orthodoxies with an alternative and activist perspectives, Carbon formulated editorial, narrative and thematic frameworks through which Al Jazeera could providing a consistent
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Our machines dress us, and undress us

As part of the inaugural Leeds Digital Fashion Week in October 2012, Carbon was commissioned to write a piece exploring the relationships between digital culture, technology and fashion. The work, titled Our machines dress us, and undress us, introduced a range of emerging technologies, from algorithmic design, 3D printing, surveillance culture, clothes-as-a-service, wearable devices and synthetic biology. The narrat
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In Spring 2012, Carbon worked with Max McKeown –  an author and expert in strategy, innovation and leadership – to explore the possibilities of producing electronic editions of his works. Early discussions focussed on creating an ‘augmented’ edition of The Truth About Innovation, serialising the book’s fifty-five truths as daily or weekly pieces pushed to users as part of their personal development.
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A City Of Inventors

Carbon was commissioned by Marketing Leeds to contribute a piece on the city’s technology ecosphere for their 2012 edition of Live It Love It: A Style Guide To Leeds; the official publication for marketing the city, distributed freely to visitors and residents. Leeds’ history of innovation and invention spanned both the industrial and information ages, modestly contributing machines and minds to humanity.
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Carbon was commissioned by Manchester’s FutureEverything festival to appoint Imran as Conference Director for the 2011 edition, bringing our knowledge of emerging technologies and adjacent cultures to one of the world’s leading idea festivals. Carbon was tasked with programming and curating the conference element of the festival, developing narrative themes, recruiting speakers and panellists, evaluating
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The Grand Trunk Road

Irna Qureshi and Tim Smith’s Grand Trunk Road, explores the history of the oldest highway in South Asia and its relationship with immigrant communities in the UK. The book consists of 120 photographs and a variety of oral histories. As part of an internal research programme in 2011 exploring the future of books (Books As A Place), Carbon approached Qureshi with a view to interpreting Grand Trunk Road as an electronic
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Giga Omni Media

In 2008, Carbon’s Imran Ali joined the editorial team of Giga Omni Media’s Web Worker Daily as a consulting writer, covering the future of work. Between 2008 and 2010, Imran contributed articles on freelance culture, productivity tools, career philosophies, the sharing economy, alongside interviews with founders of startups and notable voices in the emerging world of web and “cloud” workers. I
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Mobile Messaging 2.0

Carbon’s Imran Ali was invited to join a community of thought leaders in an ongoing hosted discussion on the future of mobile messaging as told by some of the industry’s leading observers and commentators. From November 2007 to May 2009, Imran contributed over one hundred and forty pieces, exploring issues as diverse as the ethnography, haptics, surveillance and data visualisation. Though “MM2.0” is
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eComm: Emerging Communications Conference

Carbon’s Imran Ali was invited to join the advisory board of the inaugural eComm conference in 2008 and 2009, building on prior contributions to O’Reilly Media’s Emerging Telephony conferences. Hosted at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum, eComm’s mission was to provide a platform for discussing radical transformation of the trillion dollar telecoms sector. Imran’s role on eC
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